Community Stars

Every year, we support local nonprofit organizations. And, every year, every dollar we receive from you goes directly to these charities and their programs.

Burbank Temporary
Aid Center

Burbank Temporary Aid Center is a community service designed to meet short-term help for people who need emergency assistance with food, shelter, and the necessities of life that cannot be met by other established agencies.

For The Troops

For The Troops sends care packages to U.S. frontline troops and those stationed around the world. The organization's mission is to deliver a piece of home to soldiers. These packages contain such things as snack items, DVDs, CDs, batteries, personal care items and notes from family and friends.

Penny Lane Centers

Penny Lane Centers fosters hopes and dreams by empowering youth and families to reach their highest potential. The organization's services include residential treatment, foster care, adoption services, transitional housing for emancipated foster youth and more.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope provides education and support services for uninsured and underinsured individuals with breast, cervical, ovarian, prostate, testicular, uterine or colon cancer, their families, and the community. Circle of Hope improves the lives of cancer patients and their families by providing education and support services today, so they have a brighter future tomorrow.

Sources: Nonprofit organizations' official websites. Logix Community Stars is a nonprofit charitable foundation operated by Logix Federal Credit Union employee volunteers. Logix Federal Credit Union is not affiliated with the above charitable organizations supported by Logix Community Stars.

About Community Stars

Community Stars is a nonprofit foundation created by Logix Federal Credit Union employees. The organization has been serving local charities in Logix's branch areas through financial contributions and volunteerism since 2007. Every year, Community Stars foundation board selects charities to support, with decisions being made by the foundation's board comprised of employees.

Contributions Program
Logix employees make voluntary contributions to sponsored charities via payroll deductions through Community Stars' Contributions Program and special fund-raising events. Logix also offers a donation-matching program for employees who participate in this program.

Volunteer Time Off Program
Established in 2008, our Volunteer Time Off Program allows employees to receive company paid time off to volunteer in the community. Each employee can volunteer during the work day a maximum of eight hours per year. Throughout the year, Logix employees organize volunteer opportunities to support Community Stars' nonprofit partners.

Our mission is to support local charities of the communities Logix Federal Credit Union serves, through volunteerism and contributions.


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Every dollar you contribute will be given to our nonprofit partners: Burbank Temporary Aid Center, For The Troops, Penny Lane Centers and Circle of Hope. And, all of the money is evenly distributed to these worthwhile nonprofit organizations.

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To date, Community Stars has raised $1,550,000.
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